In this podcast series, the first from Our State magazine, we travel to the state’s most remote spots: from the mountains to the ocean, deep into forests, high above the Piedmont, on to islands, and into swamps, to see what you find in hard-to-find places.

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Episode 6: Remote or Knott

Host Jeremy Markovich travels to Knotts Island, North Carolina — a unique place with colorful characters — where nobody can seem to agree about whether it’s a remote place, or not.

Episode 5.5: Total Eclipse of the Tar

In this bonus episode, we talk about what we’re left with after a brief, maybe once-in-a-lifetime event in North Carolina: A total solar eclipse. Plus, we gathered up the best reactions to the event.

Episode 5: What Once Was Lost

A trip to a cemetery that’s only reachable by boat reveals a story about progress, a national park, promises made, and promises broken. Along the way, we meet the woman who kept hope alive, and kept a sacred spot from being forgotten.

Episode 4: Dismally Yours

A trip into the Great Dismal Swamp reveals a lot of biting bugs, black water you can drink, and secrets about the runaway slaves who once called this remote place home.

Episode 3.5: Out On The Outer Banks

The weather’s perfect, but a power outage has driven all of the visitors and vacationers off of the southern Outer Banks of North Carolina. This week, people on Ocracoke Island talk about what happens when their tourist destination suddenly becomes off-limits to nearly everybody.

Episode 3: As High As You Can Get

We go way up above the ground on a television broadcast tower, the tallest structure in North Carolina, to meet the surprisingly down-to-earth man who regularly climbs to the top.

Episode 2: Wave If You Can See Me

We travel to a remote place, only a quarter-mile off of the North Carolina coast, that kept a Civil War shipwreck hidden for a century.

Episode 1: The Most Remote

Host Jeremy Markovich sets his sights on Western North Carolina in search of the state’s most remote spot.

Coming Soon: “Away Message”

What happens when you travel to North Carolina’s most remote spots? Our State magazine’s Jeremy Markovich traveled to eight destinations across the state, from mountaintops to islands, from swamps to shipwrecks to see what you find in hard-to-find places. The first episode premieres July 13.