Season 2, Episode 4: How To Get Away With Murder (In 1892)

What would happen if you stood in one state, then shot and killed someone in another? That scenario actually took place along the Tennessee-North Carolina border more than 100 years ago, and the murderer got away with it. But what’s the real story? Host Jeremy Markovich spent months criss-crossing North Carolina to find answers that even the killer’s family didn’t know.

  • Read more stories from North Carolina’s borders in Our State magazine’s May 2018 issue.


Jeremy Markovich: writer, producer, editor, host

James Mieczkowski: producer

Kimberly Simpson: digital manager

Elizabeth Hudson: editor-in-chief

Re-Enactment Cast:

  • Patrick Ball: Andy Bryson and Alphonso Avery
  • Stanton Nash: John Dockery and Walter Clark
  • James Mieczkowski: William Hall

Music in this episode:

  • “Thinking Famous” by Eddie Hall
  • Additional music: Blue Dot Sessions, Lee Rosevere

Special Thanks: Marian Presswood, Jo Stakely, Wanda Stalcup, Billy Ray Palmer, Bob Orr, Eddie Hall, Donna Reed, the State Archives of North Carolina,

Photograph of William Hall, courtesy of Donna Reed