Season 2, Episode 6: The Round Of Golf That Changed A City

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In 1955, a dentist and five of his friends played a round of golf. They were black. The course was white-only. What happened next changed the course of one man’s life, and in turn, helped integrate an entire town.

The Greensboro Six were (L to R): Phillip Cooke, Samuel Murray, Elijah Herring, Joseph Sturdivent, George Simkins Jr., and Leon Wolfe. Photo by the Greensboro News & Record.


Jeremy Markovich: writer, producer, editor, host

James Mieczkowski: producer

Kimberly Simpson: digital manager

Elizabeth Hudson: editor-in-chief

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George Simkins interview courtesy of the Community Voices project, housed at the Greensboro Public Library.

Special Thanks: Nebraska Douglas, Ralph Miller, Shirley Frye, Gerald Attaway, Bill Hill, plus Bob Brooks and the rest of the staff at Gillespie Golf Course.