Season 3, Episode 2: A Rescue In The Linville Gorge

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On May 7, 2016, a man fell hundreds of feet down a mountainside, and ended up in a treacherous spot in North Carolina’s most rugged place. This is the story of a rescue that took hours and a recovery that took months, one that shows how unforgiving the wilderness can be, even for experienced hikers.

Jeremy Markovich: writer, producer, mixer, host

James Mieczkowski: producer

Elizabeth Hudson: editor-in-chief

Music in this episode:

  • Closing Song: Baby’s Got The Blues, by H.C. McEntire, courtesy of Merge Records (Durham, North Carolina)

Special Thanks: Burke County Emergency Communications Center

Watch Shug’s video.

A Google Earth rendering of Jeremy’s fall:

In 2018, Jeremy returned to the place where he fell and finished his climb:

…and made it to the top of the Sphinx.

Photos courtesy: Jeremy McWatty