Season 3, Episode 3: Stop Making Cents

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A woman from Mooresville became Mecklenburg County’s first black nurse. Then she became a prolific and well-respected artist. Along the way, she got President Franklin D. Roosevelt to sit for her, and the relief sculpture she created looks very similar to the likeness that’s on the dime. Is it hers? Or is it a coincidence? Host Jeremy Markovich goes in search of the truth, and learns about the facts that matter, and the facts that don’t.

Jeremy Markovich: writer, producer, mixer, host

James Mieczkowski: producer

Mark Kemp: production help

Elizabeth Hudson: editor-in-chief

Music in this episode:

  • Closing Song: I Don’t Know, by Sleepy Dog (Boone, North Carolina)

Special Thanks: American Numismatic Association, the NC Central Art Museum, the DC Preservation League, and the librarians at the North Carolina Museum of Art.